Over 30 years Developed in Germany

230 - Torsion bending

Torsion bending test device

Cable torsion bending resistance tests according to VW75206-1 LV 213-1 / -2 ( e.g. for HSD cables )
Holders for nine test specimens at the same time
Operating temperature -40 ℃ to +80 °C
Drive via programmable servo controller

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  • Torsion shaft driven by servo motor
  • Three synchronously driven turntables, each with three test specimen holders
  • A total of nine test specimens can be tested at the same time
  • The controller is connected to the device by a 5-m long cable with plug
  • Control unit with colour touch display for inputting the test parameters:
    • Speed
    • Torsion angle
    • Possible waiting time between cycles
    • Number of test cycles
    • Program number
    • Order number
  • The system is designed for an environmental temperature of -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Only rustproof materials are used
  • Power-rating: 230 V AC 50 Hz 1.1 kW

  • Custom and new designs of all kinds
  • System complete with climatic chamber
  • Communication with PLC of the climatic chamber
  • Temperature measurement and logging
  • Storage and output via
    • USB or TCP/IP to the PC:
    • START / STOP date and time
    • Test parameters
    • Test modes
  • individual design of the input mask and sequence control

    This device was developed in co-operation with LABCO.

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