Over 30 years Developed in Germany

170 - Cable winding swivel tester

Cable winding swivel tester

For cable winding resistance tests
Or swivel test device
Holders for several test specimens at the same time
Exchangeable drive shaft
Exchangeable winding rollers or winding pulleys
Operating temperature -40 °C to +80 °C
Operation via programmable servo controller

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  • Winding shaft driven by servo motor
  • Divided winding bobbins for fast changing to various winding diameters
  • Fast exchange of the mounting shaft for different test methods
  • Test specimens can be loaded to a max. total of 90 kg
  • The controller is connected to the device by a 5-m long cable with plug
  • Multiple test modes:
    • Winding alongside each other
    • With or without countershaft
    • Winding above one another
    • Swivelling test with right/left swivelling
    • Alternate bending up to ±160°
  • Control unit with colour touch display allows input of test parameters including:
    • Speed and number of winding-up/unwinding
    • Possible waiting time
    • Speed and number of revolutions for unwinding
    • Number of test cycles ( revolutions ):
    • Rotary speed up to max. 60 rpm
    • Program number
    • Test number
  • The system is designed for an environmental temperature of -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Only rustproof materials are used

  • Bespoken designs available including
  • System complete with climatic chamber
  • Communication with PLC of the climatic chamber
  • Temperature measurement and logging
  • Continual resistance measurement
  • Storage and output via
    • USB or TCP/IP to the PC:
    • START / STOP date and time
    • Test parameters
    • TTest modes
  • Individual design of the input mask and sequence control

    This device was developed in co-operation with LABCO.

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