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About Us

About Us

Our goals and responsibilities stem from our desire for an enduring partnership with our customers.

Professional profile:

  • Proficient expert in machine design with 30 years of practical experience.Strong analytical thinking and rigorous goal-oriented design approach
  • Core competence in ocused special machine construction for automation, automotive industry, research, laboratory-technology, test-technology as well as sun protection
  • National as well as International experience in securing and completing projects
  • Machines for the or laboratory technology, sun-protection-technology. Test technology sun-protection-technologies,research, as well as the automotive industry
Special services:

  • Design using CAD Systems: Solid Works 2017/2018/2019 , AutoCAD, Inventor
  • Möglichkeit der gesamten mechanischen Fertigung von Einzelteilen inkl. Oberflächenbehandlung
  • We can deliver controls and monitoring technologies
  • Worldwide delivery is available

Carsten Conradt - CEO & Founder VCard

  • Solid Works 2017/2018/2019
  • AutoCAD 2D, Mechanical Desktop 3D, Inventor 3D CAD
  • Solid Edges 3D CAD
  • Textverarbeitung, Tabellenkalkulation, Netzwerktechnik
  • Div Lehrgänge für CE Zertifikation und Risikobeurteilung
  • Lehrgang Grundlagen Explosionsschutz, Explosionsschutz elektrischer Betriebsmittel


Example projects(designed and produced)

Devices and Machines for:

  • Dental laboratories (erosion machines for dental crowns)
  • Smoothing and polishing tools for fountain-pen tips
  • Bolting assemblage for lubricant containers
  • Sorting and filling machines
  • Cleaning poles for automatic cleaning of toxin-containers
  • Explosive device Lifting and disposal units for minesweepers of the Germanmarine/NATO boats
  • Production lines for the production air filter wrinkles and pleats for medical operating room air conditioning systems and respirator masks)
  • Electronic force and length gauges for determining fishing- mesh sizes. Used for evidence gathering and auditing by the EU fisheries authorities
  • Measurement appliances
  • Bending devices for aluminum profiles
  • Calibration units for force and length gauges
  • Mechanics for gyrocompasses for open-sea shipping
  • Compass designs (magnetic compasses)
  • Measuring device for the calibration of airplane-pilot wristwatches
  • Ultrasonic stapling device for roller blinds
  • Devices for EMC testing
  • Devices For aerial photography and filming
  • Pressure-proof and flame-proof encapsulation of motor drive units for explosion-protection

Sunscreen industry:

  • Automated production lines for vertical blinds
  • Fully automated assembly machine for carriages of vertical blind rails
  • Table lamella cutting and welding machine
  • Chain-Link counting and chain- trimming device
  • Pleating devices

Devices for car-engine production (Ford / OPEL):

  • Assembly station for cooling water pumps
  • Various bolting stations in different axial orientations
  • Exhaust test station
  • Assembly station for turbochargers
  • Grip-land transfer-stations for car engines
  • device for measuring prying force in bolted connections of gearboxes

Machines and devices for the certification of onboard-electricity cables. (Automobile industry):

  • Alternating bending machines
  • Combined vibration-frequency and Mechanical torsion test machine for anti-lock braking system cables
  • Torsion and bend test machines
  • Cable winding machines
  • Cable insulation abrasion resistance test devices
  • Fretting Corrosion test device (1µm 50Hz)
  • Fall-test drums
  • Flexibility-test units
  • Encapsulation Devices for fire resistance and dielectric testing
  • Test machines for electric car charging cables
  • Supply of special test equipment

Machines and devices for the German Polar Research Institute(AWI):

  • Ice-core analysis machine for mechanical processing and investigation of drilling-ice cores from the Arctic and Antarctic. includingUltrasound Analysis, meltwater analysis, and Gamma radiation analysis
  • Chambers for measuring Oxygen-consumption of deep sea creatures
  • Incubators for algae
  • Laser ablation chambers for chemical composition and spectral analysis
  • Deep sea cameras and grippers
  • Three-Axial calibration devices for sensors
  • Gonio spectrometer for spectral analysis and calibration of satellite images

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